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Post COVID-19 Economy and Mug Factory

Post - COVID-19 Economy

Indian Economy has dealt a huge blow due to Covid-19 and to recover our economy to pre Covid-19 stage might years and hence we need to support our economy as much as possible. Buying Indian products and services will help boost this process. We plan to help in this situation as well, we are working on building a factory in India which will mass-produce Sublimation mugs and Sublimation Products.

Why we wanna do this?

As we know that we are currently the second most populated country in the World. We have the resources and manpower but we lack innovation and production. Rather than importing products from foreign countries, we must try to export as many products as possible to other countries and we are trying to minimize the import of Sublimation Products from China because every person has at least seen a printed mug once in their lifetime. where do you think these mugs and the products come from? These are manufactured and produced in China and then it's exported worldwide. We Indians have a huge market in this business but there aren't any products from India that have hit the market.

How you can support us?

Currently, we don't have any equipment or formulas to create such products and we have to use Chinese products for a while but all of our profit is going into making products from India. You can help us achieve this by buying products from us or by donating into this project which we will be releasing soon as a fundraiser once we gather all the data and resources for the production.

How is Covid-19 and Mug Factory Related?

Because of The Pandemic, the Indian Government had put a nationwide Lockdown which prevented COVID-19 from spreading faster and many of the corporate companies had to let go of their employees and many had to work from home. But since we are almost at the end of the Pandemic and many of us working from the offices again, it won't be that long to our normal lives to return back and if it does which it will, many of the Employees and Staffs would be returning to their normal lives as well but since they were working from home for a long period of time, they might need to warming gift to make them feel comfortable in their offices again and We have the best solution for that. Gift them with our custom printed mugs with a warm welcoming message which will make them feel safe and welcomed in their offices. For ordering visit Mug Factory.

Let's build back our economy together!


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