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Mug Printing - How it all happens ? | By Mug Factory

The Magic Of Mug Printing

How the images are printed on the mug?

The images or graphics are printed on the mug using a method called sublimation. The sublimation method works by transferring the image or a graphic printed on a sublimate paper onto the mug using heat. The ink in the paper has a special chemical composition that makes it transferable from one medium to another when applied heat. The mugs are made up of ceramic or porcelain which can withstand the temperature on which the ink will be transferred. This is cannot be taken out by applying heat again as it will fuse with the coating on the mug. There are many types of mugs for printing such as

1.White Mug: This is the most commonly used mug to print. This is just pure white mug made of ceramic with a glossy layer on the exterior.

2.Inner Color Mug: This mug is also commonly used because it can come in many different colors on the inside which many people like but other than that this is exactly the same as the white mug.

3.Magic Mug: Magic mug is truly like magic because the color changes and the graphic appears when the mug is filled with hot beverages. This might seem magical but it's just science. This effect can be achieved by using Thermochromic Pigment on the exterior which will become transparent at a certain temperature which will in return reveal the graphics printed on the mug.

4.Glowing Mugs: These mugs can glow in the dark and reveal the graphics printed on it but this isn't quite popular as above ones but this has an interesting effect. This effect is also achieved by using a chemical called Phosphorescent Pigment which is commonly used in watches but in this case applied on the outer layer of the mug.

The process is also much simpler than you think, at first the graphic is designed in the computer, and then it's printed onto the sublimation paper which absorbs and lets go of the ink at a certain temperature. The ink is also made only for this purpose which cannon be used on ordinary printers. Once the graphic has been printed, it will be cut to match the size of the mug and then stick it to the mug's surface with a thermal tape which is also made for this purpose with a special material that can withstand the temperature. Then the mug is placed on the heat press with a certain temperature in which all the magic happens. The inks flow out of the paper and onto to surface of the mug and it's carefully taken out and left it out for cooling for a couple of minutes and after cooling the mug has been printed with your graphic. This is how the whole process works.

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